Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just an Ordinary Day

I said I was going to start blogging, but the thought of starting from the beginning with an impressive, grandiose post about how wonderful marriage is has kept me from doing it. So, I'm just going to start. I can back track later and talk about wedding stuff...I'm so over that for right now anyways.

Last week, it seemed like if Brandon wasn't working, I was; and if I wasn't working, he was. No time in the morning to wake up slowly, snuggle up, have coffee together. Nope! The alarm was going off at 4:50 for either him or me. And in the evenings we were having to prepare for work and go to bed early. So goes the not fun part of married life.

But then there are the days I cherish. Today almost was one of them. I say almost because I had a short shift at the Cove. It was so short, I almost forgot I was there.

My favorite days are the free days; when neither of us have to work or have to be anywhere; when we can wake up to the birds singing; when we can do things together or piddle with our own projects.

Sometimes we do fun things, like go to the driving range to practice our golf swing, piddle in the yard and garden or the other day, Brandon taught me to play disc golf. Other times there is business to get done, like today, we went to pay our rent and to the bank to continue the process of getting my name changed--almost complete!

Nevertheless, whether it is a work day, when Brandon is gone for almost 14 hours, or a free day spent together all day long, I am so happy to be married to Brandon Ducker. He is Godsent to me.


  1. I love your new blog!! So excited to see the posts to follow!
    ~Emily Dillingham & Baby ;-)

  2. Hi Sunny! I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing getting settled and all.
    Hope you are well!
    -Laura (FL)

  3. Sunny, just been thinking about you lately and haven't been able to keep in touch since you left Face Book! JENNIFER T